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Basic Lapidary

The Basic Lapidary class will provide students with a fundamental understanding of the materials, safety and machine operations that are used in the lapidary arts.  This class is a combination of pre-study, lecture and practical activities that will provide a foundation for success in the lapidary science and arts.  You will come out of the class having completed two cabochons.


The class is structured in two four hour blocks (8 hours total) and cover topics including qualities of a machinable stone, shop safety, operation of slab and trim saws, operation of cab grinders, polishing a cabochon, and clean up and maintenance.                   

 The course fee is $50 and you must be a CCGMA member to take the class.  All materials are provided.  This class must be taken in order for you to work independently in the shop.  If you would like more information or to enroll in the next class, fill out the Contact Form

and someone will call you back.

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