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Faceting is the art of cutting and polishing angled faces on a gemstone to create sparkle and fire. Take a quick glance through the window of any jewelry store and you’ll quickly see rings with faceted stones ranging from elegantly simple to stunningly complex – so when it comes to faceting your own stone, you’ll soon discover a world of possibilities!  


The class is taught by Terry Stockman, who will work with your schedule to set up a mutually agreeable class time.  He will teach the foundational cutting skills and will walk students through all the steps of gemstone cutting. All materials will be provided by the Club. The course fee is $65 and you must be a CCGMA member to participate. The course includes the creation of two finished pieces.

For more information on Faceting classes and to be put on the waiting list, fill out the Contact Form and someone will call you back.

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