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Chain Maille

Chain Maille is a two thousand-year-old art form originally

used to create garments worn for protection by warriors from

Europe, the Middle East and the Orient. Today we use these classical patterns of connected jump rings for sculpture and jewelry.

Students will learn the basics of how jump rings are made, how to open and close jump rings properly, and the art of assembling jump rings in various patterns or styles. The first project is usually a bracelet made with colored, aluminum jump rings.  Then students may make a bracelet, earrings or a necklace. 


Participation fee:  $10.00 class fee plus the cost of materials.

Supplies:  Students should bring 2 pairs of flat-nose pliers.

This class is taught by Kathy Bachman at the Lapidary Shop by appointment only.  You must be a CCGMA member to enroll.  Fill out the contact form and someone will return your call. 

Jewelry Making
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Jewelry Design
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