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Jewelry Workbench
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Silversmithing is the creation of objects from silver or other precious metals, using heat and tools, to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. 

We offer a one day beginners class where jewelry designer Debbie Patapoff will teach you the skills you need to create finished jewelry.  You will learn how to cut your design, solder a bezel, set a cabochon, then polish the finished piece to a lustrous sparkle. Basic soldering techniques,  equipment safety,  and cleaning up will also be covered.   Students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own cabochons for their silversmithing projects.  The course fee is $65 and you must be a CCGMA member to take the class.  It is mandatory that you take this introductory course before you can use the Shop.

Students who complete the beginning class can then come to the Shop on Tuesdays  from 11:00 - 3:00 for continued instruction.


For those interested in signing up for beginning Silversmithing, fill out the Contact Form and you will be contacted about class availability.

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