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Practical Geology For The Lapidary Arts

What is that stone you're holding?  Is it a rock, mineral or gem?  Can you use it in your next lapidary project?  Can you turn it into finished jewelry?  

Identifying stones for lapidary is part detective work, part art.  Participants in this two session, eight hour in total course will be provided with all the tools necessary to determine hardness, specific gravity, and other physical and chemical properties.  You will be able to identify samples suitable for making cabochons, faceted stones and other jewelry components.  

Instructor:      Mitch Fox, BS Geology, MS. MA Earth Sciences

Course Fee:   $65

Young Scientist

You must be a CCGMA member to take the class.  All materials will be provided.  If you are interested in enrolling in the class, fill out the Contact Form and someone will call you back.

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