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Field Trips

CCGMA members enjoyed an outing to the Twin Rivers beaches on May 27th to collect fossilized sea life, wormwood, and petrified wood. Other stones, such as jaspers and agate were also found.  Here are some pictures.

field trip may 1.JPG
field trip may 2.JPG
field trip may 4.JPG
field trip may 5.JPG
field trip may 7.JPG
field trip may 3.JPG
field trip may 6.JPG
field trip may 8.JPG

CCGMA will be hosting additional field trips throughout the summer months to collecting areas in Clallam County and other nearby sites in the Olympic Peninsula.  The Pacific Northwest has a wide variety of rocks, minerals, fossils and gemstones. We explore and prospect many interesting places such as rivers, streams, valleys, mountains, beaches, roadcuts, deserts and forests.  Occasionally there are longer drives and even out-of-state opportunities.  Stay tuned for updates.

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