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Lapidary Shop


 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to illness, Silversmithing will only be available on Thursday nights until further notice.


The Lapidary Shop is where we offer hands-on assistance and instruction for cutting and polishing stones, minerals, and gemstones.  Shop Stewards are on duty to answer questions and assist members.  The fee for Shop usage is $10 per session. Our Shop is open to members only and is located at 40 W. Harrison Road, Unit #4, Sequim, WA.



Members using the classroom for silversmithing or faceting must complete a mandatory instruction class prior to use of tools and equipment.  Tuesday hours in the classroom are primarily for new silversmithing students, offering continuing assistance after their initial class.  Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday hours are open for members with more experience. 

The Lapidary Shop normal hours are as follows:


For Lapidary:

           Wednesday            11 AM – 3 PM          

            Saturday                 11 AM – 3 PM


For Silversmithing and Faceting:

            Tuesday                   11 AM - 3 PM

            Thursday                 11 AM – 3 PM

            Saturday                  11 AM – 3 PM


The rock and silver shop will open Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:30. Just like the day openings, the shop stewards will stay for one hour and if nobody shows up they will leave (unless prior arrangements

are made). 

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  The Club has purchased a large quantity of tumbler grit in various grades and is now offering it to members at

our cost.  Just be sure to bring a container.

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